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Perfectly matching the needs of the new Generation X

Varilux X Series is specially crafted for the X Generation - the generation of people born in the 60's and 70's. Your posture and the way you look at things up close have changed. You're now drinking coffee while texting the kids, sending an email via a tablet on the train or checking your social news feed every other hour. You're multitasking more than ever and everything that matters today happens within arm's reach. Before now, no varifocal lens has been designed to accommodate these modern day behaviours and therefore you had to, 'point your nose to where you want to look at'.



Specially designed for you to quickly switch between mutiple focal distances 

In the past, progressive lens design were merely taking into account the need for distance vision (beyond 3 m), near vision (about 40 cm) and intermediate vision. Varilux X is designed to take into account the new vision needs of today's wearers, which lie in the area up to 70 cm – so-called Arm’s-Length Vision (ALV) – that falls between near-distance and intermediate vision. 

With Varilux X, you can easily shift focus to multiple visual distances within your arms reach. You will be able to shift smoothly from one task to another, without being held back by your vision.

Supported by the latest technologies



Near Vision Behaviour Personalization enabled for the first time

Near Vision Behavior (NVB) personalization aims to ensure lenses are designed and tailored as closely as possible to the wearer’s specific posture and behavior during near vision work. The individual’s postural behavior is measured and analyzed before a personalized design is computed.



Experience the latest and most advanced measurement tool 

Eye-Ruler™ 2 is a digital measuring device that offers real innovation in the first tier of personalization. Lens personalisation enhances patient’s lenses to deliver the best possible vision and the best postural comfort.

A Revolution in Progressive Lenses:XTEND™ Technology

XTEND™ Technology optimizes for Arms-Length Vision (ALV), which includes the area within 40 to 70cm away. It takes into consideration the new needs of Generation X to make sure that wearers will need less head movements to find sharp vision and can comfortably switch between tasks without being held back by their vision.

Varilux X Product Range


Approved by wearers

Essilor conducted a multi-site study with a large sample group of wearers to evaluate the lens’s overall performance and key benefits. Results of this study showed that wearers enjoy the quality of their vision in all circumstances, to an impressive degree.


Reccommended Wearers

1. Presbyopic patients with high prescriptions
2. Patients who look for the highest quality of vision
3. Patients who have difficulty adapting to other premium progressive lenses in the market    

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