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Vision Symptoms

Each eye condition will have its own set of symptoms, some of which will be noticeable, while others will develop slowly over time.

Blurred Vision

Suffering from blurry vision? It is most likely that you need prescriptive eyewear.

Learn more about the various reasons for blurry vision.

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Being short-sighted means you can see close-up objects but struggle to see long distance. This can cause a problem when driving, for example.

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If you are long-sighted then you will find it difficult to see objects close-up. You'll have difficulties reading, for example.

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Eyestrain and fatigue

Tired eyes may be the result of an underlying condition or you may simply have been staring at the screen for too long. There are exercises and solutions available!

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Dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is very common. It mostly affects older people, and is easily managed.

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Poor Night Vision

Night blindness is a common problem, which can be a sign of a dietary imbalance, chronic disease or an eye condition.

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Headaches and your eyes

There is a strong possibility that the onset, or increase in frequency of headaches is linked with the health of your eyes.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck or shoulder pain and eye problems are closely connected. Read about how tension in the neck and shoulders can lead to eye pain, and visa versa.

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Sharpness of Vision - Visual acuity

Although lack of clear and sharp eyesight is usually easy to correct, it can also be a sign of irreversible sight loss.

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