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At the SILMO World Optical Show in Paris (25-28 September), Essilor received a gold award – Silmo d’Or – for Eyezen™, a new lens category meeting new visual needs linked to increased digital screen use.


Essilor created the Eyezen™ range, featuring 2 new technologies – Eyezen™ Focus and Light Scan® – to address emerging vision issues linked to connected lives and prevent risks for the eyes.


Today, more than a 1.5 billion people in the world use a smartphone daily and 9 out of 10 people declare spending more time on digital screens than 2 years ago. Increasing use of tablets and smartphones has significantly altered our reading habits, with 70% of people reporting an impact on vision – particularly visual fatigue-, and posture – neck and shoulder pain-. In addition, our eyes are exposed to the harmful effects of some blueviolet light rays that can be emitted by digital screens.


Thanks to Eyezen™ Focus, vision correction is specifically adapted to new reading distances corresponding to each digital tool, including the « ultra near » vision: the average reading distance for a smartphone is 33 cm, against 42 cm for a book. Eyezen™ lenses provide a new solution to ease eye accommodation, especially when switching from one type of a screen to another. Combined with Crizal® Prevencia® and LightScan® – the selective blue light filtering technology, Eyezen™ lenses also protect the eyes from the harmful effects of some blue-violet light rays.


Essilor innovates to understand and answer consumers’ new visual needs.


Carefully exploring rapidly changing behaviours and market needs, the Essilor Group invests 180 million euros per year in Research and Innovation. The Group’s 550 researchers worldwide are continually striving to conceive and develop innovative solutions in line with Essilor’s mission: improving lives by improving sight. Eyezen™ lenses are available for every corrections (myopia, hypermétropia, …) but also for all those who do not need correction but wish to support their vision and protect their eyes.